Adrian Menendez Maceiras

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While Spanish tennis’ headlines are often held up with the progress of Rafael Nadal, performers such as Adrian Menendez Maceiras are often left behind. However, the 32-year-old from Marbella has been on the pro circuit for thirteen years, starting off in 2005. His career-high best came in 2015, when he reached as high as 115th in the ATP Singles rankings.

His most important career Finals have come at Futures and Challengers level. There, he has taken place in 28 Finals, winning 13 of the Finals as he goes. His first career win came in 2006, when he won at Lagos, defeating Daniel Munoz de la Nava in the Final. His most recent win came in 2018, when he defeated Danilo Petrovic in the Puerta Vallarta tournament in Mexico.

A consummate professional who may have won more in a less dominated era, Maceiras is a fine example to all who wish to make a strong and impressive mark on the game of tennis. Despite lacking ATP trophy wins, a full trophy cabinet from a high level of tennis ensures that, for many, Maceiras might go down as a tennis player who never received the appropriate fanfare.

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