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Tennis, it seems, goes in cycles. Eras involving specific periods of dominance are common within the sport, and we tend to see yon tennis stars rise to prominence fairly quickly in the modern game. One such star who is catching the eye of tennis fans around the globe at the moment is Alexander Zverev Jr. Zverev is a German-born tennis star, and is at present the youngest player involved in the ATP Top 50 rankings.

With a fantastic right-hand, he’s played since the age of five and has established himself fairly quickly as one to watch both now and in the future. The art of tennis runs in the family, too; his father, Alexander Zverev Sr. and his brother, Mischa Zverev, are both accomplished professionals. From the looks of things, the young Zverev is about to make the same impact as his kin.

Indeed, he made history in October 2016, when he became the youngest player to reach the ATP Top 20 since the great Novak Djokovic since 2006. Already making history, his impressive 62-48 record puts him as one of the best young players to watch on the circuit. He’s already making a lot of interesting progress in senior tournaments, following an ITF Junior World Championship win in 2013.

A skilled golfer and basketball player, too, Zverev has a mixed skillset and brings a unique range of skills to the table. He’s a fan of the Miami Heat, too, proving that his love for tennis isn’t his only passion in the sporting arena. Like many young players, he bases much of his playstyle against Roger Federer who was his model when growing up.

One of the main things that stands out with young Zverev is his ability to manage the baseline. Extremely aggressive on the court, he makes use of a wonderful backhand and a strong, consistent serve to make the difference. He also makes use of a two-handed backhand which has got people talking. His technique, the crispness of his serve, is something else!

Another major part of his game is the ability to manage second serves, where he excels. He can hit the bill as hard as 120mph, with excellent accuracy in the shot as well as unbelievable velocity. With a high work rate on the court, too, he brings a high-energy, pressing style that wins him many fans.

Already he’s beginning to make a big difference in his mentality, too. For someone so young, he shows an excellent mentality and a dogged persistence to get around the problems as they evolve around him. A keen problem solver on the court, he’s good at getting himself out of tight spots and finding challenging angles.

While the male tennis game feels a little overstocked at the top for the young man to make his breakthrough at the elite level just yet, he’s not far off. Out of all the young players on the circuit at the moment, there’s plenty of reasons to see that Alexander might just be the best of the next generation.


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