Arantxa Rus

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Dutch tennis is a constantly improving sport as part of the national curriculum, and Arantxa Rus is a fine example of that. She’s long been one of the most impressive Dutch tennis players, have enjoyed an explosive junior career – ranking 1st at one stage – and winning the Australian Open at Junior level.

So far, her major success at singles level in terms of a major match was defeating Kim Clijsters when she was as high as 2nd in the WTA Rankings. She won her first WTA title in 2017, when she won the Swedish Open at Doubles level playing alongside Quirine Lemoine.

Her other final came at Singles level, when she lost to Belinda Bencic at the Taipei Open. At ITFA level, she has enjoyed an impressive career, winning 14 of her 22 Final appearances. Her first win came in The Netherlands when she beat Anne Schafer at Vlaardingen.

Her most recent win came at Hua Hin, Thailand, when she overcame Jacqueline Cako. While she may not have achieved the success that her once prodigious World Number 1 ranking at Juniors level may have suggested, Rus is a fantastic professional with an outstanding career record across all levels.

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