Carlos Berlocq

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While Argentinian tennis might not always have the best stars, the impressive career of Carlos Berlocq shows that, for many, this Latin American nation might have more talent than it is initially given credit for. The growth of the impressive Argentine, who has reached as high as 37th in the ATP Singles rankings, has been very interesting indeed to watch.

Although his peak probably came in the 2011-2014 era, he has won an impressive 2 ATP Singles titles, including wins in the Swedish and Portugal Open, defeating Fernando Verdasco in 2013 and Tomas Berdych in 2014.

The impressive Argentine has also won an impressive 2 titles at ATP Doubles level, with his most recent win at this level coming in 2015 when he won the Austrian Open alongside Nicolas Almagro. His most recent trophy win came in Panama, when he defeated Blaz Rola in the Final in 2018.

Though the very highest trophies might have eluded the Argentine throughout his career, he’s a well-known name on the tennis circuit. Known for this athletic prowess and his never-say-die attitude, he’s a fan example of where a lot of commitment and dedication to consistent improvement can take the modern player.

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