Garbine Muguruza

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For years, Venezuelan sports has seen a real dip in quality and consistency. However, with the Caracas-born Spaniard Garbine Muguruza rising to the top of the sport of tennis, that might be about to change. At just 23, she’s one of the most impressive female players on the planet, currently ranked at 15th on the WTA Singles Ranking. With an impressive right-hand playstyle, she’s been pro since the age of 17 and already has a wealth of impressive successes to her name, with three WTA Singles titles captured already.

Having played the game since the age of three, it’s likely that Muguruza was always destined to be a tennis player. Showing an incredible appetite for the sport form her youngest years, the impressive Spaniard has gone on to become one of the best of her age group. Growing up, she recalls having continuous sporting battles with her brothers – helping to forge and hone the competitive edge and spirit that makes her one of the most impressive players of today.

Known for an aggressive and attacking style of play that puts the opposition on the backfoot, she’s an outstanding player on hard courts and brings one of the best service games in the sport at present to the table.

Already, she holds some deeply impressive sporting accomplishments. Her first WTA trophy came in 2014, when she won in Hobart. She followed this up with wins in Beijing before crowning that with her 2016 success, winning the Roland Garros Tournament outright. Her impressive skill and consistency on the court shows that she has the spirit as well as the talent to go even further in the game as time goes on.

The losing finalist at Wimbledon in 2015, too, she’s shown that she has the capacity to go far even at the highest level of the game – the Grand Slams. At just 23, she might be the perfect person to take over from the Williams sisters when their duopoly on female tennis comes to an end. With so many years left to play, it’s likely that lasting and genuine success is a formality to her.

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