Liu Fangzhou

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When it comes to tennis, China is one of the fastest growing nations for both talent and for getting involved in the sport. This has seen a number of new names arrive on the sporting scene from China, including that of Liu Fangzhou. The impressive Chinese star is a major name back home, and is now breaking into the global tennis fans consciousness.

Why? Because she has incredible talent, and no small amount of grit. Reaching as high as 127th, she has already made a huge impact on the sport for one so young. Her first WTA Tour match came at the 2014 Shenzhen Open, and since then she has made a very impressive career for herself.

Adversity has been a major part of her career, as she lost her first four Finals in a row. She lost in Japan, South Korea, Thailand and China, before landing her first trophy in November 2014. She beat Risa Ozaki in a hard-fought match in Bendigo, Australia. Her other win came in March 2016, when she won against Tian Ran in Nanjing, China.

Progressing very well, there really is nothing to say that Fangzhou could not become a major name in tennis.



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