Madison Brengle

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For American tennis, the present generation of stars might be some of the best in living memory. Throughout their cadre of stars, one name stands out as someone who is an embodiment of consistency: Madison Brengle.

The 28-year-old from Dover, Delaware, is a consummate professional. Achieving some major landmark wins in her career, with the most notable likely being a 2017 win over Serena Williams, she’s also enjoyed a WTA Final and a whopping 29 Finals at ITF level at both Singles and Doubles.

However, Brengle has also known adversity: from 2008 to 2014, she went through 24 consecutive major tournaments without making it out of the pre-tournament qualifying rounds. She achieved wildcard status for the 2014 US Open, though, winning her first major match in the process.

She is a story of adversity and perseverance, knowing that her talent was more than enough to make it with enough effort. Already breaking into the Top 100, with a career-best 35th coming in May 2015, she’s someone who knows how to compete and how to handle fallow periods of success.

Without doubt, she’s one of the most impressive and committed pros on the ATP circuit who embodies professional determination.

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