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While Luxembourg may be a prestigious nation, it’s not one known for having outstanding sporting prowess. One outlier of that, though, has been Esch-sur-Alzette-born Mandy Minella. She’s been a fantastic performer at WTA level for many years reaching a career best 66th in 2012. She also was successful at Doubles level reaching as high as 47th in 2013.

Having overcome many challenges to get to where she is the impressive Minella boasts a career record of 434-353 at Singles level, winning an impressive 11 ITF titles and 1 WTA 125K title. While she may not have won a WTA title so far, she is beginning to find a return to form after several years of inconsistency on the court.

Improving all the time, there is no reason why Minella cannot return to the standards and qualities which once seen her touted as one of the most interesting talents in the game. Her return to form was marked by a first ever WTA level Final in July 2018, losing the Swiss Open Final to Alize Cornet.

With a return to Finals at the top level, Minella could easily make a return and make up for years of frustrating inconsistency.

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