Nicole Gibbs

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With legendary names within the US tennis scene perhaps coming close to the end of their careers, it’s down to the next generation of players to pick up the pace. One name who is being regularly suggested is that of Nicole Gibbs. Reaching as high as 68th in September 2016, the American has endured a challenging couple of years but is in the process of a much-needed resurgence at the top end of the sport.

Her most recent finals came in June and July 2017, winning against Francesa Di Lorenzo in the Baton Rouge tournament, whilst losing to Miharu Imanishi in the Auburn tournament. While trophies are not racking up as quickly as some would have expected following her impressive rise to the top, Gibbs is a sports star with immense perseverance and lasting qualities.

Without doubt, she’s one of the more interesting stars on the US circuit. While she might need to start adding more trophies – and WTA Finals – to her listing, she is someone who has all the potential to make good on her qualities. For now, though, it’s all about taking that key step and making the move into the Top 100 and staying there.

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