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WTA Players

Liu Fangzhou

When it comes to tennis, China is one of the fastest growing nations for both talent and for getting involved in the sport. This has seen a number of new names arrive on the sporting scene from [...]

Katarzyna Kawa

Polish tennis has many rising stars, and Katarzyna Kawa may just be another example of that. Despite flying under the radar for much of her career so far, the Pole has broken into the Top 200 for [...]

Xu Shilin

Asian tennis is a growing hotbed of talent, and Xu Shilin looks set to match up to those standards. Already, she has impressed on the ITF level of tennis, winning 5 Finals so far at Singles [...]

Anna Zaja

German tennis player Anna Zaja is a fine example of professionalism and continuous improvement. Having broken into the Top 200, reaching 191st in July 2018, Zaja has been a strong competitor on [...]

Magdalena Frech

Polish tennis is often a thriving part of the nation’s sporting scene. One player who looks set to continue that is Lodz-born Magdalena Frech. The 21-year-old is already making huge waves in her [...]

Han Na-lae

As Asia becomes an increasingly prominent part of the tennis scene, players like Han Na-lae play a huge role in that. The 26-year-old from Incheon, South Korea, has quickly become a big name in [...]

Başak Eraydın

While Turkey might not be the most recognized hotbed of tennis talent, Başak Eraydin might be a fine example of that changing. Turkey is a nation often improving at a sporting level, and her [...]

Astra Sharma

Perth-born Astra Sharma might only be 23, but she’s already carved out an impressive start to her senior career. Born in Singapore, she represents Australia and has already reached as high as [...]

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