Rebecca Marino

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Canadian tennis has always been an important part of the nation’s sporting portfolio, and 27-year-old Rebecca Marino is a fine example of what their system can produce. The Vancouver-born professional has endured a challenging career so far, having to take a career break during the 2012-13 season – after achieving a career-high ranking of 38th at WTA Singles level.

Her break stopped her being able to achieve as much as would have been intended when she first broke through, not returning to the sport until the 2017-18 season. Her numerous breaks meant that she did not return in full to the sport until September 2017, after a near-five year hiatus. However, her comeback has been an impressive one, with an impressive 19-match win streak at one stage. Indeed, she has won five of her six ITF Finals in 2018 alone, defeating the likes of Gaia Sanesi, Robin Anderson, Julia Glushko and Destanee Aiava.

For many, she’s a top talent who could easily make up for lost time. Now more experienced than before, Marino has all the tools and talent to make her way back to the peak of the sport and toward taking part in WTA Finals once again.

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