Sabina Sharipova

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For Uzbekistani tennis fans, listening to neighbors Russia talk up Maria Sharapova for so many years must have been frustrating. Now, though, they have their own Sharapova to shout about (of sorts) in Sabina Sharipoa. The 24-year-old from Tashkent is very much a rising star of the WTA game, and has reached as high as 137th in the WTA Singles rankings. Improving all the time, though, it feels like a matter of time until that changes and she breaks into that coveted Top 100.

She’s vastly impressive on the court, showing commendable technique and also a very mature temperament for one so young. Sharipova has a lot of pressure on her shoulders, too, and is a key part of her nations sporting hopes for the foreseeable future.

Seen as someone who could help to inspire a growing generation of talented sports fans, Sharipova has all the tools to do just that. Her committed approach has already seen her win an impressive 13 ITF Finals from 24 Finals. The most recent win came in Namangan, Uzbekistan, where she defeated the highly rated Iryna Shymanovich.

For sure, the Uzbekistani has all the potential to go very far in the sport.

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