Tennis legend Novak Djokovic open to coaching stint

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As one of the best tennis players of all time, it is no surprise that Novak Djokovic is keen to keep involved with the game. With his career moving into its latter phase, though, some have wondered what the super-talented Serb would do. Given he might be the greatest sportsman to come out of the country, many assumed he would stay within tennis. However, reports suggest that Djokovic will 100% move into a coaching role when his career comes to an end.

Having made his name as one of the most cold-blooded finishers in tennis, Djokovic has often been asked what his secret is. And although a fanatical coaching and training regimen plays a role, it is also a lifelong passion for the sport that helps. Few could argue that Djokovic is among the most knowledgeable players in tennis today. His love for the game means he knows many of his contemporaries and many of his historical icons and idols very well indeed.

That coaching brain, then, will eventually see Djokovic make his way into the exciting world of tennis coaching. It is believed the Serbian admitted he would not be one to take his sporting knowledge “to the grave”, insisting he will move into a coaching role as his playing days reach their eventual conclusion.

An incredible competitor, part of what makes Djokovic so good to watch is his focus on the court. Few players can provide the same level of intrigue and interest in their game, and part of it comes from his studying time. The Serb has a rich history of paying attention to what his opponents are doing. Some might even argue that he knows the form of his opponent better than they do, given his incredible focus.

When will Djokovic move into coaching?

Those who enjoy watching Djokovic play might be worried to hear him talk about the move into coaching. Having just seen him win his 37th Masters title, though, it is quite clear that Novak will still be playing tennis to a high level far into his latter years.

It is expected he will move into coaching after a short career break when his playing time comes to an end. Given the amount of achievements he has enjoyed, though, it is not expected that Djokovic will reach the end of his playing tenure even within the next five years.

Injuries can happen, though, and it sounds like when his body tells him it is time then Djokovic will transition into the coaching world instead. So, the next generation of tennis stars might be able to learn from one of the most record breaking and consistent tennis players of all-time.

For any young player who ends up being part of the Djokovic stable, the future will be very bright indeed. One thing is for sure: few coaches in the world will be quite as rigorous in their attention to detail as one of the most prolific winners in tennis history.

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