Thanasi Kokkinakis

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Australian tennis has long produced a series of top quality stars. However, 2018 produced a series of impressive moments for young Australian tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis. For many, his first introduction to them would have come in the 2018 Miami Open. Here, in the Second Round, he defeated the legendary Roger Federer. This was a reward for an amazing level of determination to return from a setback.

Starting his professional career in 2011, Kokkinakis worked his way into the ATP Top 100 rankings as early as 2015. However, despite his rapid ascent and huge progress, he lost most of 2016 to injury and thus fell out of the limelight.

2017 brought a return to form, and also his first ATP Finals event. Losing out in the Los Cabos Open to Sam Querrey in an impressive Final, Thanasi enjoyed a strong 2018 with much growth on a personal and professional level. Wining two Challenge Tour titles, the Singles and Doubles title at Nordic Naturals, it was his first titles at this level since 2015 – and his second overall.

Unfortunately, a cracked knee-cap in 2018 slowed down his progress somewhat, but the future looks very bright for this well-tempered Australian.

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