Başak Eraydın

While Turkey might not be the most recognized hotbed of tennis talent, Başak Eraydin might be a fine example of that changing. Turkey is a nation often improving at a sporting level, and her [...]

Astra Sharma

Perth-born Astra Sharma might only be 23, but she’s already carved out an impressive start to her senior career. Born in Singapore, she represents Australia and has already reached as high as [...]

Viktoriya Tomova

Bulgarian tennis player Viktoriya Tomova is easily one of the most interesting on the Eastern European circuit. The 23-year-old from Sofia is a household name back home, having become a popular [...]

Laura Siegemund

When it comes to German tennis professionals, there are quite a few to look at and be inspired by. The likes of Laua Siegemund is one of those players: a very impressive professional with a [...]

Ana Bogdan

Romanian tennis might spend much of its time looking at Simona Halep, the rapid and impressive rise of fellow Romanian Ana Bogdan has been equally impressive. While her #2 ranking at Junior level [...]

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