Fanny Stollar

Hungarian tennis is going through a mild golden patch, with some very impressive young talent on the roster. However, among their most impressive young players is 20-year-old Fanny Stollar. The [...]

Sabina Sharipova

For Uzbekistani tennis fans, listening to neighbors Russia talk up Maria Sharapova for so many years must have been frustrating. Now, though, they have their own Sharapova to shout about (of [...]

Mandy Minella

While Luxembourg may be a prestigious nation, it’s not one known for having outstanding sporting prowess. One outlier of that, though, has been Esch-sur-Alzette-born Mandy Minella. She’s been a [...]

Arantxa Rus

Dutch tennis is a constantly improving sport as part of the national curriculum, and Arantxa Rus is a fine example of that. She’s long been one of the most impressive Dutch tennis players, have [...]

Ons Jabeur

Tunisian tennis professional Ons Jabeur is easily one of the most impressive North African tennis players. She first rose to prominence when she won the 2011 French Open Girls’ title. She also [...]

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