Aliona Bolsova Zadoinov

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Spanish tennis has long since thrived at both male and female level, but when it comes to the Spanish-Moldovan Aliona Bolsova Zadoinov, there is a new star very much on the rise. The 21-year-old was born in her native Moldova, before making the switch to represent Spain from 2013 onward. She’s a very impressive talent, who comes from Olympic athletic stock: her mother and father were both Olympic athletes.

So far, she has reached as high as 185th on the WTA Singles rankings, though there’s every opportunity that she breaks into the Top 100 before the end of the year. A very impressive young talent, she’s managed to gain many impressive results so far in her fledgling career, including winning 6 of her 10 ITF titles. Her most recent wins came in July 2018, when she defeated Olga Saez Larra and Katharina Gerlach in the Getxo and Darmstadt finals, respectively.

Though major trophies at the highest level are yet to arrive, for one so young it’s hard to imagine it being too long until she achieves something truly special: the sky is the limit for the young Spanish-Moldovan.

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