Başak Eraydın

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While Turkey might not be the most recognized hotbed of tennis talent, Başak Eraydin might be a fine example of that changing. Turkey is a nation often improving at a sporting level, and her impressive growth ever since she broke onto the scene in 2012 has been a great thing to see. In fact, she has taken part in an incredible 60 ITF Finals at Singles and Doubles level.

Her Singles record is slightly better, winning 15 of her 26 Finals so far. Her first win arrived in Istanbul in 2012, when she defeated Spaniard Nuria Parrizas Diaz in the Final, 6-3, 6-1. Her best run of trophy wins came in 2012, when she won an incredible seven finals on the spin, including wins across Turkey, Tunisia and Greece.

In this time, she beat respected opponents like Maria Shamayko and Tatiana Bua. Her most recent trophy wins came in August 2018, when she beat Guiomar de Reales and Chloe Paquet in the Finals in Las Palmas.

A hugely impressive young professional, she looks set to move ever-higher up the rankings and eventually break into the Top 100 at WTA level; which would be huge for Turkish tennis.

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