Bernard Tomic aims to use online abuse to fuel comeback

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When a tennis player loses their quality, it can be extremely hard to for them to take. Tennis is a tough sport, a deep individual challenge for any player. Staying near the top, nevermind at the top, requires incredible mental and physical discipline. It also requires incredible motivation. The rewards of top-level tennis are such that many players can lose their spark and motivation after a few major victories. For a few years, Australian tennis fans have wondered if this is the fate of Bernard Tomic.

The Aussie tennis star was once rated among the best players on the men’s circuit, but recent years have not been kind to the star. However, in a bid to find something to help him stay motivated and ambitious, Tomic has come up with a simple plan: use the numerous amounts of online abuse he receives to fuel his comeback success.

Speaking about the sheer amount of online abuse he has received during his career, Tomic was clear that he was using this as motivation. Having once been backed to fight for Grand Slam events in his early years, reaching the last eight at Wimbledon at he age of 18, Tomic never reached beyond 17th in the ATP rankings. Since 2016, though, the player has been marked by all manner of personal issues and clashes with the officials of his sport of choice. Now, he stands a lowly 259th in the world – making him the lowest ranked Australian to play on the ATP tour.

That is a huge drop-off for a star of his level, but he has made clear that he tends to make a big change to how he works. Part of that stems from his decision to become more motivated by hate.

What did Bernard Tomic say about online abuse?

Speaking in a video posted on his Instagram account, the Australian tennis star made clear that he wants to improve. He also was clear in the video that he would be using hate to fuel his success, not to belittle his achievements, saying: “I’ve had a lot of hate in my life. But I can’t give up. You don’t think I see the hate comments? It hurts,

“In the past I used to let it get to me and react out of stupidity. But now I’m using it as fuel. I’m back. I’m hungry, and I’m ready. No one can stop me now, but me.

“I’m training, I’m sweating, I’m pushing, I’m fired up. Whatever it takes to get back on top. Hard work pays off. I’ve put my blood sweat and tears into this sport. I have come back before. It’s time to set the record straight.”

At 29, the player looks set to have one more shot at making good on what is an obvious level of talent for the sport. Whether or not he can use the motivation that he has laid out as intended, though, remains to be seen.

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