Katarzyna Kawa

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Polish tennis has many rising stars, and Katarzyna Kawa may just be another example of that. Despite flying under the radar for much of her career so far, the Pole has broken into the Top 200 for the first time at WTA Singles level, doing so in April 2019. In an impressive career so far, she’s taken part in over 30 ITF Finals, doing so in 11 Finals at Singles level. She has so far won six of those, falling in five. At Doubles level, she has won an impressive twelve finals, whilst coming runner-up nine times.

For many Polish fans, the 26-year-old is definitely one to watch as she continues to follow the prediction of being a late bloomer. Mentally sound on the courtyard, her consistency is improving all the time – as is her ability to win in clutch moments. While some players explode onto the scene, it’s been a more gradual development for Kawa.

Many, though, believe that she could be set to move further up the Rankings. Her smooth right-handed style shows many signs of improvement in a short space of time, and there’s plenty of reason to believe that breaking into the Top 200 does not have to be her ceiling.



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